Will the California Compliance Privacy Act Expose You to More Fraud? AI-Based Identity Verification as a Solution

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is in effect and businesses must comply with consumer requests to view, delete and withhold the sale of their personal data.

Ironically, businesses may find themselves at risk of data exposure or breach by having to fulfill these demands. How will they really know who is requesting the data? Fraudster? Privacy activist? Legitimate consumer?

The law requires you to carefully verify the identity of each requestor so that valuable data does not get into the wrong hands or be erroneously deleted. Regulatory guidance encourages the use of a third party identity verification service, but robust verification requires more than a simple credit bureau check.

In this webinar, Socure Privacy Lead Annie Bai, Socure Product Director Gene Radin, and Socure VP of Marketing Rivka Little explore the demands CCPA places on identity verification and how leveraging advanced analytics and data science methods along with digital document verification can enable a safe road to CCPA compliance.

In this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • What are the standards, if at all, for CCPA’s verified customer requests?
  • What are the consumer and business risks in complying with CCPA customer requests?
  • How AI-based digital identity verification enables safe CCPA compliance

On-Demand Webinar

  • Annie C. Bai

    Annie is a privacy and data security attorney and compliance officer with deep experience assessing privacy and cyber risks. She is an expert on global laws and regulations, and their impact on the financial services and technology sectors, including big data and predictive analytics. Graduate of U.C. Berkeley and NYU School of Law. An IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional - US and Canada, Certified Information Privacy Manager, and Fellow of Information Privacy.
  • Rivka Gewirtz Little

    Rivka Gewirtz Little is a financial crime and payments solution expert with nearly two decades of fintech market experience. Before joining Socure as SVP of Marketing & Strategy, Rivka was an industry analyst responsible for the Global Payment Strategies practice at IDC Financial Insights where she focused on the intersection of payments modernization, fraud and identity. Rivka's technology coverage has been cited in publications, including The New York Times, USA Today, CNET, Vox, The Verge and a number of technology trade journals.
  • Gene Radin

    Gene Radin has worked in product-focused roles for startups for most of his 10+ year career. He’s been involved in designing new products (And redesigning existing products), leading teams, developing business strategies, fundraising, and supporting product lifecycles in a variety of industries. He is a strong proponent of digital privacy rights and volunteers his time to support related, local NY initiatives, most recently contributing to the NIST Privacy Framework, FTC privacy activities, and training for graduate classes.
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