Case Study

The Business Challenge

Astra enables consumers to link bank accounts across financial institutions into a single interface for a clear “mapping” of their financial lives. With this unified view, Astra provides programmatic saving and cash flow management routines, enabling consumers to automate transfers according to triggers and rules.

On the backend, this integrated customer experience is powered by a library of APIs built for ease and simplicity. But on the front end, Astra found itself introducing customer friction. After launching their product, Astra found early indications that fraudsters were attempting to misuse the platform. To mitigate the associated risk, Astra introduced a default limit of $100 on all money movement transactions, even though that limited the utility of the automated routines.

To address the situation properly, Astra had to answer a question plaguing the overall fintech market — How do we raise limits to improve usability without opening the door for more fraud?

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