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Digital identity is critical infrastructure for America, and the public deserves the best solution. They deserve Socure.

Public sector agencies owe residents a digital identity experience that provides fast and secure approvals rather than existing systems that waste their time and energy.

Socure ID+ is the best identity verification solution on the market, and we’d be happy to prove it to you. Put Socure head-to-head against a legacy identity verification provider and we’ll win.

What Socure Offers

  • Unmatched auto-approval rates: 98% of applicants are verified automatically without the need for document upload or manual review.
  • Coverage for all groups: Socure offers the most inclusive identity verification platform with substantial increases in approval rates for credit-invisible populations such as Gen Z, immigrants, and the underbanked.
  • Unparalleled efficiency: Socure reduces manual review rates by more than 80%, saving agencies time and money. We estimate agencies can lower customer service costs by up to 90% and save residents inordinate amounts of time.
  • Unbeatable fraud prevention: Socure captures 35-45% more fraud than legacy providers. Our solution is certified at NIST IAL2.
  • Best-in-class document verification: Our new DocV 3.0 solution gives partners 26% more automatic approvals compared to the industry standard, capturing 27% more fraud in the process

But don’t just take our word for it, let us run a test and prove we are the best.

Take the Socure Challenge

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