Reasonable Beliefs – Innovations in KYC and Customer Identity to Fight Financial Crime

Recent years have seen considerable evolution in the quantity and variety of data available to identify customers of financial institutions and assess their risks. Increasingly, an email address or customer device can provide better indicators of risk than a name or address. Yet in many countries the regulations on what can be used for customer identification have remained largely static for years, and many financial institutions have followed suit. By choice or necessity, the fintech space hasn’t stood still when it comes to customer verification and KYC.

In this session, experts from leading fintech firms and tech providers, including Socure Founder & CEO Johnny Ayers, explore innovation in KYC, including data sources beyond the same old, same old and new approaches to obtaining a “reasonable belief” of your customer identity. They’ll also provide guidance on criminal threats and emerging risk areas, including synthetic identities, pandemic fraud and transactions with unregulated fintechs.

On-Demand Webinar

  • Erick Soto

    For over a decade, Erick Soto has worked as a product leader in the FinTech industry. Currently, as Vice President of Product at Socure, he focuses on identity verification and fraud prevention technology. Previously, Erick was a Risk Analyst for a mobile payments startup in San Francisco, which was acquired by Capital One in 2012. While there, he served as a Product Owner, where he led multiple cross-functional teams to build the first completely automated business enrollment engine for a next-generation small business banking platform. Also, Erick was the Head of Product for BBVA’s Open Platform, where he developed APIs that facilitate access into the financial ecosystem. His experience working in Fintech and in Fraud, Risk, and Operations have carved a natural career path into identity verification and product management.
  • Dale Daguro

    Dale Daguro is a technologist with 18 years in software development, security architecture, ecommerce, and user experience design. He is the recipient of the Chicago Innovation Awards for his work on user experience and software design. Dale is an expert in identity verification, document verification, governance, and compliance across a number of industries. In his spare time, he enjoys training in Muay Thai and boxing for fun.
  • Trace Fooshee

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