Socure DocV: The Scalable Document Verification Solution

Socure's DocV is the most scalable, accurate document verification service available and applies advanced analytics and layers on data to quickly confirm the authenticity of any identity document in circulation—including more than 3,500 identification types globally. Built to minimize customer friction, it is also client friendly with easy implementation as a standalone product or as part of Socure ID+, a fully integrated identity fraud and compliance platform.

DocV accelerates revenue growth and reduces identity fraud by quickly and accurately assessing the validity of good users for a broad range of industry verticals and use cases.

During the demo, you’ll see:

  • How document verification can be painless for the end-user with document and facial scan assistive features.
  • Socure’s unique ability to receive correlative scores on the physical ID related to other elements of identity (ex. phone, email, device), and apply liveness for additional security.
  • Where businesses can easily implement custom configurations for age and expiration criteria as well as on-the-fly settings for specific use cases, degree of risk tolerance, or on a per-transaction basis.

On-Demand Webinar

  • Dale Daguro

    Dale Daguro is a technologist with 18 years in software development, security architecture, ecommerce, and user experience design. He is the recipient of the Chicago Innovation Awards for his work on user experience and software design. Dale is an expert in identity verification, document verification, governance, and compliance across a number of industries. In his spare time, he enjoys training in Muay Thai and boxing for fun.
  • Johnny Ayers

    Johnny is the co-founder and CEO of Socure. As an industry expert on fraud prediction, authentication, and KYC/CIP/AML verification, he has helped to craft the ID+ solution into a powerfully predictive tool for tier-one financial institutions to better understand digital identity and onboard new customers. Socure is the second company he's co-founded, having also lead international teams for growth ventures marketing to organizations large and small, across 6 different continents.
  • Alex Faivusovich

    Alex has spent more than a decade focusing on fraud analysis and anti-fraud solution implementations.
  • Kevin Gosschalk

    Kevin Gosschalk is the CEO and Founder of Arkose Labs. Previously, Kevin worked on gaming hardware for the intellectually disabled at the Endeavour Foundation and built a unique device incorporating Microsoft's Kinnect Camera technology. Noted for his involvement in interactive development and machine vision, Kevin then turned his expertise to automated abuse and human verification — often regarded as the Internet's impossible problem. Today, Arkose Labs has transformed the irritating chore of comprehension into an SLA-guaranteed technology that prevents automated abuse for brands like Electronic Arts, Singapore Airlines, and Roblox.

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