Detect Fraud with Superior Accuracy

  • Reduce False Positives - Say yes to more good people
  • Reduce Fraud Losses - Stop identity fraud attacks
  • Increase Auto Approvals - Eliminate friction & automate onboarding
  • Streamline Your Risk Program - Turn off legacy point solutions no longer delivering value

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Experience World-Class Identity Fraud Detection.

From account opening onward, Sigma Identity Fraud provides high-assurance trust and detects identity fraud across the digital customer lifecycle.


Onboarding Decisions

Capture more fraud while auto-accepting more customers

  • Capture 85-90% of fraud in the riskiest 3% of applicants, on average
  • Improve fraud capture results 35-45% over legacy solutions
  • Increase frictionless customer approval rates by 30-60%
  • Reduce false positives by >13X


AI & ML Technology

Smarter and faster
resolution and decisions

  • The first application fraud solution that analyzes identity behavior across industries and consumer lifecycle to improve results
  • Clustering linkages enable improved identification of fraud and fraud rings


View of Identity

Evaluate every dimension of consumer identity

  • Name, email, phone, address, date of birth, SSN, IP, device, velocity, network and behavioral intelligence, and more
  • The first application fraud solution that “binds” the device to the individual using the device
  • Analyzes real-time dynamic linkages across 7 billion rows of transaction data to inform the model

INCREMENTAL +$75M Annual Revenue

Increased a top online gaming operator's auto-acceptance by over 7%, generating millions of new customers.


Increased a top-tier online brokerage's auto-acceptance by over 10%, generating millions of new customers.