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  • Powerful AI/ML Identity Platform: Go live in days, not months, with 13 products available through one API
  • Flexible ID-Centric Verification: Deploy ID document verification for step-up authentication, only as needed, or at the top of the funnel
  • Real Time, Predictive Analytics: Leverage fast, multi-dimensional predictive risk signals and eliminate the wait for inconsistent human review
  • Choose the Market Leader: Trusted by 1,000+ top enterprises, including banks, fintechs, crypto, online gaming, BNPL, online marketplace, healthcare and more
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Competing Vendor
_____________ Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention ___________
Passive Identity Verification, 98% Frictionless Auto-Approvals
Fully-Automated, In-House ML-Driven Technology, Infinitely Scalable
20%-40% Approval Lifts for Gen Z and Millennial Consumers
Up to 90% Third-Party & Synthetic Identity Fraud Capture in the Riskiest 3%
Feedback Consortium and Third-Party Data
Patented Technology for Automated Data Ingestion, Cleansing, and Identity Resolution
Holistic Approach, Correlating Every Element of Digital Identity
KYC/CIP and AML Compliance
Financial Governance and Regulatory Expertise
______________________ ID Document Verification ______________________
Flexible IDV Strategy with ID Document Verification Used for Step-Up or at the Top of the Funnel
#1 Identity and Document Verification Solution According to Analysts
Scalable Automated Solution Prevents Service Delays from Volume Spikes
92% Customer Conversion
Supports Thousands of Global ID Documents, 190+ Countries
Industry-First Predictive Device, Phone, and Address Risk Signals That Feed into Decisioning
Easy-to-Use, Guided Image Capture App,
Optimized for a Best-in-Class UX
Passive, Single-Frame, NIST-certified Liveness Detection with 96% Accuracy
Computer Vision-Driven Enhanced Facial Biometrics to Match an Optional Selfie to the ID Photo
Unmatched Forensic Analysis on North American IDs
15-Second Response, Not Minutes
Fully Automated ID-Centric Solution, No Offshore Manual Review
Robust Authenticity Checks, Strong Fraud Prevention
Robust On-Device Quality Checks for Optimal Image Capture, Web SDK
No-Code Configuration Dashboard, with 170+ Customizable Attributes


Betterment achieved a 30% increase in auto-approval rates using Socure

After implementing Socure’s KYC and ID document verification solutions, Betterment has been able to swiftly onboard more good customers while keeping out more bad actors. Additionally, they’ve seen a dramatic increase and faster time to revenue with a 30% increase in auto-approval rates and a significant reduction in manual reviews.

“With Socure, we saw our approval rate improve by 30%. We’ve also driven down rejection rates considerably while mitigating identity theft and other types of fraud we encounter."

Mark Kassardjian

Director of Operations, Betterment

Achieve World-Class Results with the #1 Identity and Document Verification Solution

  • 85% Reduction in Fraud over Legacy Services
  • Decrease False Positives by 13X
  • Increase Customer Approval Rates by 15% to 40%
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