Holistic approaches to Digital Identity Verification

How to Stop Fraud and Auto-Accept More Customers with Data Science

As consumers of all ages increasingly adopt digital banking, the opportunity for application fraud is bigger than ever. The ongoing challenge for financial services firms is deflecting fraud, minimizing false positives, while maximizing auto-acceptance for good customers.

Data science and consortium data from industry peers can provide a treasure trove of insight to better counter fraudsters. Attend this session to learn the latest fraud trends and gain insights on how Socure is approaching perfect classification of fraud.

Head of Risk Insights for Aite-Novarica, Julie Conroy, and Socure Chief Product and Analytics Officer Pablo Abreau discuss:

  • How online fraud continues to evolve and grow.

  • Why a holistic approach to consumer identity, combining machine learning and feedback data, enables more accurate identity verification.

  • How data science advancements mitigate risk while increasing auto-approvals.

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  • Pablo Abreu

    Pablo Abreu is Senior Vice President of Data Science at Socure, a leading provider of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies that provide a single source of trusted digital identity for online and in-store applications. An industry expert in the area of fraud, identity verification, predictive modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Abreu has been instrumental in creating Socure’s ID+ predictive analytics platform, now used by 7 of the top 10 tier-one financial institutions.
  • Julie Conroy

    Julie Conroy is research director for Aite Group’s Fraud & AML practice and covers fraud, data security, anti-money laundering, and compliance issues. Ms. Conroy has more than a decade of hands-on product management experience working with financial institutions, payments processors, and risk management companies. She spent a number of years as vice president of product solutions with Early Warning Services, where she managed a suite of fraud-prevention services that provided clients with more than US$1 billion per year in loss avoidance.
  • Todd Thiemann
    Senior Director of Product Marketing

  • Joel Sacmar

    Joel Sacmar is a Solutions Consultant at Socure and has over a decade of experience in biometric authentication. Prior to joining Socure, Joel worked at Daon where he led their services team's enterprise deployments, including working with USAA to become one of the first major U.S. financial institutions to deploy voice and facial recognition for mobile login.

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