DocV Demo and Insights: The 5 Core Components of Predictive Document Verification

Document verification needs to do more than a binary check of document authenticity. The next generation of identity document verification is predictive. Learn how you can use predictive identity document verification to accelerate revenue growth and reduce identity fraud, while providing a frictionless authentication process.

During this webinar, we'll review the 5 Core Components of Predictive DocV, including:

  • Easy-to-Use Image Capture Technology

  • NIST PAD L2 Liveness Detection and Enhanced Facial Biometrics

  • Lightweight SDK Integration

  • No-Code, Customizable Branding and Workflows

  • Multi-Dimensional Predictive Risk Signals

Attendees will also learn how Predictive DocV drives a holistic view of identity, reduces friction during onboarding while minimizing risk, and more.

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On-Demand Webinar

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    Joel Sacmar

    Joel Sacmar is a Solutions Consultant at Socure and has over a decade of experience in biometric authentication. Prior to joining Socure, Joel worked at Daon where he led their services team's enterprise deployments, including working with USAA to become one of the first major U.S. financial institutions to deploy voice and facial recognition for mobile login.
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