Predictive Document & Identity Verification

  • 98% auto-decisioning
  • 99.5% accuracy in identifying spoofing
  • 3,500+ document types
  • ~10 seconds response time

Hyper-accurate identity and document verification solution predicts risk and delivers a holistic decision in 10 seconds or less. Schedule your demo now.

Let us prove it. Schedule a demo now.

The Next Generation of Identity Document Verification is Predictive.

From start to finish, multi-dimensional predictive signals inform ML-driven decisioning to identify more good customers and eliminate fraudsters in real-time.

Risk Assessments

  • 200+ Identity Signals
  • ML-Driven Decisioning
  • Boost Auto-Acceptance Rates

Computer Vision

  • Document Authentication
  • Selfie to ID Photo Match
  • NIST-2 Liveness Detection

Largest Consortium Database

  • 530M+ Known Good & Bad Identities
  • Trusted by 500+ Top Companies
  • Most Accurate and Scalable Solution

INCREMENTAL +$75M Annual Revenue

Increased a top online gaming operator's auto-acceptance by over 7%, generating millions of new customers.


Increased a top-tier online brokerage's auto-acceptance by over 10%, generating millions of new customers.