Compliance & Crypto: Preparing for the Unknown

Cryptocurrency compliance has received increased attention and scrutiny from regulators and is the subject of much anticipated legislation later this year. Many questions still remain unanswered on which US regulatory and even law enforcement agencies should have oversight.

In the meantime, the current absence of dedicated federal regulations has unfortunately not meant protections from penalties including substantial fines.

In this webinar, we’ll share best practices for compliance so that your organization is protected now and ready for what’s coming next. Topics include:
  • Analysis of the current regulatory motions from the White House and Congress
  • Current customer identification requirements and how they likely need to be updated
  • Merging specific crypto oriented identification points with traditional methods of identity verification

On-Demand Webinar

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    Nirvana Patel
    Chief Compliance Officer & BSA Officer, Prime Trust

    Nirvana Patel has over 15 years of experience in financial services, encompassing payments, crypto, banking, markets, and private equity. Nirvana is chief compliance officer at Prime Trust and serves as the BSA officer reporting to the board of managers. He is responsible for leading the compliance organization focused on regulatory compliance, risk management, and control development. Prior to his role as CCO, Nirvana was head of financial crimes compliance at Prime Trust.

    Prior to Prime Trust, Nirvana worked for Citigroup, where he directed end-to-end AML compliance risk management for Citi’s consumer businesses and managed cross-functional initiatives to build and enhance transaction monitoring for its credit card businesses. Before joining Citi, Nirvana oversaw strategic operations for American Express’ financial intelligence unit and managed teams of investigators. Nirvana started his AML career as an investigator with American Express.
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    Debra Geister

    With more than two decades of experience in the banking compliance and anti-money laundering industries, Geister is a recognized leader in the financial crime detection field. She has worked with many of the largest financial institutions as well as technology and data companies, both global and domestic, to help eliminate and reduce money-laundering, fraud, and related financial risks.
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    Deborah A. Snyder
    Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

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    Todd Anderson

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