Adapt or Die: Navigating Drastically Shifting Fraud Patterns

As we move beyond pandemic times, the shifting fraud landscape poses new challenges for financial institutions. This webinar will explore the dynamic shifts that have taken place in fraud attacks in retail banking. Socure and other industry experts provide new insights into trends in synthetic fraud, third-party-fraud, and first-party fraud. This expert panel discusses what banks are thinking about with new regulation and what actions they are planning to take in response to the changing environment.

  • The most pressing fraud-related challenges facing financial institutions today
  • Strategies for identifying and mitigating the risks associated with different types of fraud
  • The latest regulatory developments and their implications for fraud prevention
  • Best practices for enhancing your fraud control frameworks

On-Demand Webinar

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    Mike Cook
    VP, Fraud Solutions

    Mike Cook is VP of Fraud Solutions Commercialization at Socure and works alongside Data Science, Product, Sales and the Fraud Investigation team to help ensure solution optimization across all the markets Socure serves. Mike has been an innovator in fraud, identity, and credit risk for almost 35 years and has created several patents for identity risk technologies.
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    Leslie Parrish
    Deputy Assistant Director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

    Leslie Parrish is the Deputy Assistant Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with a focus on Consumer Credit, Payments and Deposits Markets.

    Prior to her current role, Leslie was a senior analyst also with Aite Group’s Retail Banking practice, focusing on consumer lending. She was one of the initial employees of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as a federal financial regulator. Her role entailed engaging with lenders and helping to develop the bureau’s strategy and policies related to small-dollar loans offered by banks, nonbanks, and fintech firms. Before her work at the bureau, Ms. Parrish spent over 10 years working on public policy issues related to financial services, financial inclusion, and consumer protection. Through this work, she developed expertise in a number of financial products and services, including student loans, mortgages, and unsecured loans marketed to non prime consumers, as well as in debt relief strategies
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    Trace Fooshee
    Strategic Advisor (Fraud & AML), Aite-Novarica Group

    Trace has been leading business transformation initiatives for over 20 years. He started his professional career in Singapore, where he focused on delivering process automation solutions for banking and securities clients by way of workflow and document management-based transformations. After moving back to the United States, he broadened the scope of his focus to include consulting with clients on customer relationship management practices and client loyalty for Ernst & Young.

    Prior to joining Aite-Novarica, Trace was Head of Fraud Strategy for SunTrust Bank, where he was responsible for developing, managing, and articulating strategic investments and transformation initiatives that sought to improve the balance between loss prevention, client experience, and operational expense. In addition to these responsibilities, Trace partnered with stakeholders in various business units, including product, technology, and risk management, to govern and oversee the bank’s fraud program.
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    Dale Daguro
    Director, Solutions Consultant

    Dale Daguro is a technologist with 18 years in software development, security architecture, ecommerce, and user experience design. He is the recipient of the Chicago Innovation Awards for his work on user experience and software design. Dale is an expert in identity verification, document verification, governance, and compliance across a number of industries. In his spare time, he enjoys training in Muay Thai and boxing for fun.

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