Regulations & Fraud in the Sharing & Marketplace Economies: A 2022 Outlook

The sharing & marketplace economies are growing astronomically—and both criminals and regulators have taken notice of the increased revenue moving through this market. Delivering goods such as cannabis and alcohol, and/or engaging more actively in the payment stream, many platforms are also subjecting themselves to increased regulation. With fraudsters growing more sophisticated and regulations growing more strict, Risk, Fraud, and Trust and Safety teams will need new strategies if they hope to stay ahead of bad actors, big fines, and sanctions.

In this webinar, Socure fraud experts will walk through what you can do to proactively protect your customers from fraud and your company from fines. We’ll look at today’s biggest pain points as well as show you a future-forward framework that will prepare you for today’s—and tomorrow’s—ever-shifting regulatory landscape.

See this webinar for a deep-dive look into current risks facing the sharing and marketplace economies, along with best practices for:
  • Driving business growtha nd keeping OpEx low while meeting evolving regulatory requirements
  • Building brand and consumer trust in the marketplace with sophisticated fraud prevention
  • Staying informed of the evolving regulatory landscape, including predictions for how new regulatory requirements from CFPB, FinCEN, OFAC, and others will impact providers

On-Demand Webinar

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    Candace Sjogren

    Prior to joining Socure, Candace Sjogren was head of alternative lending at Marqeta and managing partner at CXO Solutions, a management consulting firm. Prior to CXO, Sjogren was the founder and CEO of two fintech companies and chief strategy officer at Dealstruck and LoanHero, and continues to serve as an angel investor.
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    Debra Geister

    With more than two decades of experience in the banking compliance and anti-money laundering industries, Geister is a recognized leader in the financial crime detection field. She has worked with many of the largest financial institutions as well as technology and data companies, both global and domestic, to help eliminate and reduce money-laundering, fraud, and related financial risks.
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