Innovative Solutions, Unprecedented Growth: PrizePicks Success Story

In a little over a decade, Gen Z born between 1996-2012, will become the primary consumer group in the U.S., and the leading driver of our economy. Onboarding them is critical to your organization’s success, but with limited available consumer data it has been challenging to do so with traditional identity verification approaches

In this on-demand webinar, PrizePicks’ Co-Founder & CTO, Jay Deuskar, and Socure’s Vice President of Compliance Solutions, Debra Geister discuss:

  • The costly consumer abandonment and operational costs PrizePicks experienced in accurately verifying this next generation of consumers with traditional approaches
  • How PrizePicks overcame these challenges, scaled their business growth with millions in new revenue and customers, and dramatically slashed operational costs
  • Best practices for friction-right, compliant onboarding of these consumers

On-Demand Webinar

  • Speaker 1 image

    Jay Deuskar
    Co-Founder & CTO, PrizePicks

  • Speaker 2 image

    Debra Geister
    Vice President, Compliance Solutions, Socure

  • Speaker 3 image

    Matt Johnson
    Director, Product Marketing, Socure

  • Speaker 4 image

    Joel Sacmar
    Principal Solutions Consultant

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