Digital Identity Fairness & Inclusion Report

Measuring access and promoting equitable financial inclusion in the U.S. financial system

Approximately 45 million adults within the U.S. are credit-invisible, meaning they don’t have traceable credit histories. This invisibility can create an unfair bias and limit accessibility to financial services and products that rely on credit histories as an identity verification tool.

An industry-first, this research report analyzes how Socure’s machine learning (ML) and automated intelligence (AI) impacts financial inclusion for credit-invisible populations, such as younger adults, immigrants, and the underbanked. Socure partnered with two of the country’s top five leading banking institutions to conduct in-depth analyses on:

  • How ML and AI impact democratization and access to financial services

  • The effectiveness of different strategies to reduce bias-driven friction in fraud and identity scoring

  • How to benchmark automated CIP and other identity-based decisions for credit-invisible populations

Digital identity verification and fraud mitigation technologies play a crucial role in enabling financial services to reach marginalized populations. Download the Digital Identity Decisions Fairness & Inclusion Report to read Socure’s detailed research findings—including comparisons across different systems and approaches—and learn how Socure solutions deliver the most accurate and inclusive identity decisions.

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